Sunday, May 20, 2012

Family “Fun” Fitness

When we do things as a family the results are much greater.

Family fitness first starts with the mind, once we put our minds to it, our bodies will follow. Once the children see mom and dad doing it, it makes an impression on them, which makes the transition easier.
Amusement Parks: Family Fitness or “FunFitness” as I called it can be something as simple as going to an amusement park. You’re spending quality time with the family and you’re walking around all day (burning calories). Tip – instead of drinking beverages high in calories and sugar, water will be the healthiest choice as it aids in proper hydration and it will also help you produce natural energy and eat the concession stand foods in moderation. 

The Beach: This is another way to enjoy time with your family and get in some FunFitness too.

Running on the beach (Burns 30% more calories)
Play games like beach volley ball
Build a sandcastle
Take a dip in the water splash around with your family
Tip: Running on the beach barefoot maybe better as it allows your toes to grip the sand for more stability.

Indoor entertainment: Like a Dave & Buster’s, Chuck E Cheese or Main Event Entertainment is another great way to have family “Fun” fitness. With games like basketball, bowling, laser tag, arcade games; rock climbing as well as gravity ropes billiards and glow golf,  you will begin to burn calories all while having fun. Tip: Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated, which is also a healthier choice over sodas and soft drinks. Eat in moderation, as bar foods tend to be high in calories. Try closing your tab, it will allow you to be more cost conscious (financial fitness) and will discourage you from ordering more than you need. Water is normally free.  Play and enjoy yourself!

Beach safety
Protect yourself and your family from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Find a sunblock that is best for you and your family. No one is exempt from skin cancer. Tip: About 5- 30 minutes (depending on skin tone) in the sun will help your body produce vitamin D.

Also try these activities for family fun fitness.
Walking, Zumba, Hula hooping, Swimming, Jump rope, Basketball, Tennis, WII, PS Move, Xbox Kinects 

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