Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I SACHET'D My Way To No More Pain - A Bout With Uterine Fibroids

Many women suffer from pain or cramping during their dreaded, "Menstrual Cycle", aka aunt flow; your period, that time of the month, on the rag, mother nature or the curse - no matter what you name it's all associated with your menstrual cycle. What happens when you experience pain during intimacy; a cycle lasting for more than seven days with heavy bleeding, clotting and cramps that feel like labor? For those of you who've never had a baby, let's measure the pain by saying it's like cramps to the 100th power.  Now it's time to visit the Gynecologist because you can no longer bare the pain and after a few tests your doctor tells you that you have uterine fibroids and you think what is that??

What are Uterine Fibroids? Uterine fibroids are noncancerous (benign) tumors that develop in the womb (uterus),

Uterine fibroid cysts are also known medically as leiomyoma or myoma. They are muscular, benign tumors that grow in the uterine lining. Uterine fibroids may appear as one or more growths, are round and oblong in appearance, and vary in size. A uterine fibroid can be as large as a grapefruit, although in rare cases it can grow even larger.

After suffering for years with heavy bleeding long cycles, excruciating pain and being told me that I have uterine fibroid and the best treatment is to have a hysterectomy, I got a little nervous, because it's scary. Over the years, I've taken all types of medication to help with the cramps heaving bleeding and migraine headaches, etc., including OTC medications, nothing worked.

The suffering had got so bad until I couldn't travel, because I couldn't sit for long periods of time while on my menstrual cycle, I had lower back pain, pain in my pelvic area; I couldn't concentrate, I couldn't sleep and my patience were non-existent, all due to pain. I even tried changing my diet as I read it can help and that didn't work. My migraine headache got worse and at that point, I thought I had exhausted all measures to find relief. I knew if I couldn't find a resolution for my fibroids, I needed to work on getting rid of those horrible migraine headaches, as I could no longer live with both. With prescriptions at $45 a pop, it wasn't doing it for me, and neither was the medication; it didn't last the length of time stated in the directions and the side effects were from chills to sweating and nausea - let's just say that would be another blog post.

One day a friend told me about a product that would help me, but me being a skeptic and not sure about taking something else or something new for that matter, my first instinct was to say no, but I decided to give it a try, because I was in desperate need of pain relief. I did some research, read some great things and soon learned that the product would change my life forever. I began taking the product for my migraines,  at first, I didn't really feel a difference in my body other than a little more energy, but then my migraines disappeared and I soon began sleeping through the night, my allergies even cleared up AND…it got rid of my monthly enemy called, PAIN. I had no PMS symptoms and no warning that my cycle was on its way - still no pain??? So I began waiting for the pain to come, like it was a friend. Normally my cycle would last 7 days or sometimes 8 - filled with excruciating pain, but still there was none.

After years of painful migraines, menstrual cycles and being told that I had to have my reproductive organs removed and it all ended with a little "Sachet" and a bottle of something we can't live without, WATER.  I just a dropped it in a bottle of water, shook it and drank! The sachet (tea bag) is tasteless and also odorless, all natural and it works miracles - it most certainly helped me and I'm hoping it can help others, because there is no fun in PAIN!

Click here for more information on other benefits of this little sachet that turns plain water into miracle water.

Sachet Your Way To No More Pain & Toast To Good Health!

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