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GirlFriendz' TotallyYou Presents - It's All About You Events

CAN YOU IMAGINE A PLACE WHERE YOU CAN....have a FUNTABULOUS time, relaxing with family and friends. A place where you can share laughs, learn, bond and have fun all at the same time? Do you know where that place is? It's the comfort of your own home. GirlFriendz' TotallyYou is like a women's expo, but without the annual wait and the best part is, it's customizable by you for you! You pick the venue, choose from our list of vendors and we'll bring the fun to you. Your Home, Office, Salon, Banquet Hall, Party Room - wherever you would like your event to be!
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What Are YOU Doing To Support Your Immune System?

It’s no secret that your body’s immune system is a critical component to your overall health and well-being.

Your personal health is often a direct reflection of how effective (or ineffective) your immune system is at protecting you from the never-ending exposure and attacks it receives from bacteria and viruses.

Have you ever stopped to think about the type of dangerous and unhealthy microorganisms that might be lurking in these common places?

·         Public washrooms & door handles
·         Airplanes, buses & taxi cabs
·         Hotel rooms & rental cars
·         Public play areas for children
·         Gym equipment & locker rooms
·         Shopping carts and gasoline pump handles
In addition to the common “germs” our bodies encounter on a daily basis, the threat of even more serious bacterial and viral issues seems to be more and more common these days. Think about it. How many news reports have you seen in recent years utilizing words like “epidemic, outbreak or pandemic?”
There’s no doubt that your immune system is engaged in a constant fight to protect you from these potentially harmful and dangerous threats. The most important question is…
What are YOU doing to support your immune system and protect yourself?
To support your immune system for all of its needs, Silver MAX has a unique combination of five characteristics no other silver product can match:
·         Actively charged (bio-active)
·         Easily Absorbed
·         Less is More
·         Perfectly Saf
·         99.999% Pure
If you’re trying to determine the difference between colloidal silver and silver hydrosol, you’ll find this helpful.
While both products have been found to be effective disinfectants and antimicrobial agents, it is important to become aware of the many differences between them. The following chart highlights several of the differences between silver hydrosol and other silver preparations:
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